mjölk is a brand that will change the world as you know it.

mjölk is a combination of imagination and total softness, woven from the highest quality organic cotton, intended for parents who want the best for their children and who genuinely care about their proper development.

the importance of proper development in children was our guiding idea for each product, an inspiration to receive something of the highest quality, purest, and yet so simple – mjölk.

organic cotton, the major ingredient in our products, is a blend of past and future. by selecting this material, we are simultaneously concerned with the sensitive nature of our children as well as the nature of our planet. cotton grown the organic way is not treated with chemical pesticides nor fertilizers, and most importantly, is not GMO. the material we use for each of our products has GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), proof of the before mentioned.

the materials we use to produce our products each hold the OEKO-TEX 100 standard, proof that they perfectly safe for children. this standard ensures that 100 harmful substances are excluded from the materials.

mjölk was born in a place which was considered the capital of cotton and underwear in former Yugoslavia, by a team which holds a family tradition in the textile industry, with a love for Scandinavian simplicity and innovation, but above all the desire to offer the best to children. We are the creators of the first regional organic underwear for children, we are the creators of mjölk.