mom in wonderland

my first (more serious) contact with the wonderful world of children’s wardrobe and underwear was when we found out that a little girl was coming into our lives. in this wonderland exist, everything a new excited mom can imagine and much more than that. of course, every mom (and dad) wants the best for their child, and that often at the beginning of the parenting story means choosing more colorful, shimmering, brighter, more beautiful, complicated, useless. I didn’t want our girl to be typical and expected pink. I imagined her stepping into the world in yellow, to be a sunny day and her to be our addition to the sun. and it was a sunny but windy day in May, so of course her oversized hat irresistibly completed her look. our first wardrobe was without exception made of 100% organic pure cotton, and colors from navy blue to orange, from green to purple, from red to some timid white.

every idea is easy when the reality is not considered (Marcel Proust)

first days and months with a baby are certainly amazing- beautiful, new, exciting. getting to know each other means great happiness but at the same time fear and questioning whether we are doing everything right, whether the baby is happy, whether we are making mistakes somewhere. soon I discovered many mistakes I made with the choice of clothing- that some of the buckles are impractical, that on the soft pajama there is a rough zipper, that is almost impossible to buckle up the millimeter button on the back of a swirling baby. I started to notice that not every 100% organic pure cotton is the same. colorful bodysuits began to be replaced more often by white that was lighter, more airy, softer and more scented. besides the fact that they matched with all of our clothes, I easily washed them at the higher temperatures without a doubt that all the stains that baby could make would be removed. there is a reason why white is a symbol of purity, health, sterility, light, there is a reason why at our grandmother’s time underwear, nightgowns, linens were mostly white (and of course starched, for the ones who even remember how that looked like).

quality means wise choice among many options (William Foster)

today, as a mom of one-year-old, I increasingly look declarations on clothes, wanting our choice to be organic cotton. I check the stitches and threads, whether the material allows the skin to “breathe”. I do not want to deprive my girl of colors, sequins, cartoon characters on the clothes, dresses, and costumes of disputable composition, but as a responsible parent, I can always choose of quality underwear that is in contact with sensitive children’s skin. knowing that there is a manufacturer who has exclusively decided for the output of white, 100% organic pure cotton of controlled origin, additionally, gives me the confidence that I am choosing the best for my baby.

Milaca Jovičić, Mara’s mom.

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