doubts and fears

Atopic dermatitis

the holiday season is in full swing and the parents of children with atopic dermatitis often feel insecure or frightened of planning a journey that is “less risky” at the mountain than the beach, which is not true at least as far as UV radiation is concerned, whose intensity increases with altitude. as every child absolutely deserves the sand, sun and swimming pool, the only thing you need is adequate preparation. why would we make big fear out of big enjoyment?

the sun and us

we all know that the sunlight is useful for the production of vitamin d for all skin types as well as for the atopic one. however, atopic skin must be protected from an excessive sun exposure, especially during the hottest time of the day between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. you must use white, airy t-shirts made from 100% natural materials (organic cotton), and provide your child with enough water to timely prevent dehydration.

there is always a solution

my little girl is less than 18 months old and of course her companion atopic dermatitis, and chlorine in the pool and sea salt can seriously irritate her dry and atopic skin. prior to each water entry, by applying the emollient cream or lotion, and then applying the protective sunscreen with an spf 50+ (waterproof required!), a cover that seals the skin off from irritating agents is formed. after each bath, the skin should be rinsed with freshwater and dried with a towel without rubbing it, so you can prevent possible scaling, and then again apply an emollient and protective sunscreen. an evening bath is obligatory with adequate shower oil care, which will wash away the cream residue, salt, sand or chlorine on the gentle child’s skin, after which the corresponding moisturizing cream or balm is to be applied.

in this way, a day out is perfectly safe and exciting. as a result, mum and the baby are happy, satisfied and hydrated, so it is time to pack suitcases optimistically and go on carefree vacation!

bon voyage!

Dijana Radoja, mum


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