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As parents to parents

Dear Parent,

Your child is a unique being who will live in a future that will be “bright” only if we together preserve the present – now. Your presence here, reading this story, marks you as a responsible parent who cares about something that goes beyond just a piece of clothing.

You’re probably wondering, what is mjölk? Mjölk represents the vision of two European parents to create something more than clothing, to create value. Guided by Scandinavian simplicity, they have crafted “body cotton” – a collection of premium organic cotton products with a special dedication to caring for the most sensitive skin.

And why are these products special? As parents who have faced allergies at an early age with their daughters, they created something that would help not only their own children but others too, all while aiding nature. These products protect the “special” parts of the skin from the harmful effects of other clothing items.

Who is the “body cotton” collection intended for? Mjölk’s range of underwear and sleepwear is designed for babies, toddlers, and children up to 7 years old. Not only that, but mjölk products are also for parents who want to instill the idea of sustainability in their children from a young age.

What are the advantages? All mjölk pieces are made from premium ribbed organic cotton that holds a GOTS certificate. They are designed and produced in a special way, to follow the lines of a child’s body as well as to be durable for their movements, both in daily activities and during restful nights.

Why are they packaged this way? Their packaging extends the philosophy of the “body cotton” collection because it conveys the message that, like body milk, these clothing items have a special impact on skin health. Also, these special high-quality packages are obtained from sustainable sources and aim to protect the value of mjölk products until the first wear.

So, every choice you make on the mjölk website is part of a shared dream where quality, love, and sustainability are knitted into a higher value.
Thank you!

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