Nowadays, business activities have a mandatory connection with personal data processing.

We are a company that emphasizes its treatment of consumers, so the protection of Your personal data is highly important to us.

MJOLK LLC. is obliged to protect the privacy of buyers and users of the website and guarantees that the data left here by the buyer or website user will be used, stored and processed in compliance with the intention for which they were collected and within the limits of the valid regulations.

MJOLK LLC will take reasonable technical and organizational measures of precaution so as to prevent the loss, abuse or alteration of the personal data of buyers.

The data you have entrusted us with will not be delivered to unauthorized third persons and they will be treated in compliance with the valid General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Authorized employees of MJOLK LLC are exclusively the persons authorized to have insight into the collected data, and the persons in charge of processing with whom the relation is regulated according to the General Data Protection Regulation. All employees at MJOLK LLC. are aware of the importance of keeping the data confidential and have the liability for observance of this Privacy Policy.

Since you use our web application, we understand that you have previously read and agreed to the general conditions of use and sale and agreed to the privacy policy.

This Privacy Policy shall inform you on the type of personal data that are processed, on legal basis and purpose of the processing of personal data, rights of the personal data holder, on the persons in charge of handling and processing of personal data, time period during which Your data are kept and amendments to this Privacy Policy.

In the continuation we shall inform You on the manner we process Your personal data.


Responsibility for personal data processing in the capacity of the entity in charge of handling the data is borne by:

Seat: 8 Blagajska St., 11050 Belgrade
ID number: 21604909
Tax ID number: 112088164
Telephone: +381 11 2633620
Activity Code : 1413 – Manufacture of other clothing


According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) personal data are all data referring to a natural person whose identity is designated or may be designated; natural person whose identity may be designated is the person who may be identified directly or indirectly, especially using identifiers, such as name, ID number, data on location, network identifier or via one or several factors belonging to physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of this natural person.

The legal basis for processing of Your personal data may be:

  • Consent given by visitors of Mjölk website, which allows the collection for clearly stated purpose. The consent may be withdrawn at any point by sending an e-mail of the corresponding content to or by sending a letter to the stated address.
  • Conclusion and execution of an agreement
  • Legitimate interest of MJOLK LLC – for marketing and analytical purposes. Our legitimate interest is based on Your wishes so that we could adjust better our offer and eventually offer products and services which suit Your needs and wishes better.
  • Legal obligation.

The legal basis is designated in compliance with provisions of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


You may use our online store as a “Registered user”.

For the registration and set up of a user profile we need the following personal data: name and surname, e-mail address, phone number, address and place of residence, postcode, sex, birthdate and password.

MJOLK LLC shall process the stated data on registered user for the following purposes:

  • In order to respond to your inquiry or request and provide the best possible service,
  • In order to process Your order, for instance, in order to inform You on the status of Your order and time of delivery; in order to respond to potential requests with regards to the order, e.g. to potential questions on the product composition, etc;
  • For the purpose of the execution of our obligations from the contractual relation with You via our online store;
  • In order to enable You to submit claims and refunds in online store;
  • In order to enable You to replace the goods;
  • In order to provide You with various payment methods;
  • In order to enable You to get the refund;
  • In order to enable You to have the experience of the most effective manner of presentation of the content at the website;
  • In order to filter the content which is adjusted to Your interests, i.e. in order to offer our products which were confirmed to be preferred by similar users, i.e. users of the same sex, same age like You, all that in order to facilitate the search of our offer for You.
  • In order to solve any wishlist you may create;
  • In order to enable you to take part in competitions and similar promotions;
  • In order to prevent and/or discover misuse or fraud.

Your data may be processed also for marketing purposes based on Your special consent and it is done:

  • In order to inform You on special benefits which are frequently with limited duration,
  • In order to inform You on seasonal discounts and current promotions,
  • In order to inform You on special promotions valid only for our members,
  • In order to inform You on new collections;
  • In order to send You useful information related to MJOLK LLC online store
  • In order to contact You with regards to advertising and market research (sending of questionnaires, inquiries, etc.).
  • For marketing analyses which would help improvement of the sales offer.

Your MJOLK LLC account is available only after signing up to Mjölk web location with exact sign-in data, i.e. email address of the registration and password therefore we ask you to keep these data and use security (complex) passwords. We recommend that in choosing the combination of signs for a password you certainly combine capital and small letters, numbers and create a password consisting of at least 6 signs. We also recommend changing the password at least once per year. MJOLK LLC does not have the access to passwords, so the user is exclusively responsible for the protection of the password.

Every user is responsible for the correctness and accuracy of all information entered to Mjölk website.

The user guarantees exclusive personal management of the account or via authorized person.

MJOLK LLC keeps the data until the recall or signing out of the account in compliance with the legal regulation of the Republic of Serbia. The user may at any point sign out in writing by an email sent to (the mail must be sent from the electronic address where the user signed up as a registered member).

These data (except the password) and history of orders at Your account are available to employees at MJOLK LLC and other persons if needed when it is necessary to fulfill the purposes of the processing. If you are interested in who may have access to Your personal data, please read the section “Personal data processors”.


Personal data of the contact person for delivery, i.e., name and surname, address of the delivery, and phone number which we obtained from You by the confirmation of the order, are shared with our logistic partners (Post export) to prepare products from Your order and deliver them to the address according to your request. Business partners are authorized to use these data and contact You exclusively for the purpose of the delivery of individual parcels.


The user of our website may ask us specific questions via contact forms that are available at our website on various locations or alternatively via email addresses. The data submitted by the user (IP address and/or mail address) in asking desired questions will be used for solving the user’s questions.

Questions or requests may be asked via chat form of the company Meta or via email

The stated email address is not personal, but the business e-address of MJOLK LLC Belgrade, which means that it is not related to a specific person but the data submitted in this manner may be processed by various persons, all with the aim of fast and efficient solving of the user’s question.

If you have an account at some social network, Facebook, Instagram, Google, you may ask questions or requests via these profiles. In that case, MJOLK LLC would collect Your username at these social networks and IP addresses, but MJOLK LLC does not have access to Your accounts and passwords of these social networks, or share Your personal data stored with us with the providers of these social networks.

By sending an e-message via webchat form or to email addresses stated on this website, the user agrees to general conditions of the use of our online store.

Furthermore, if you do not provide us with essential data in sending an inquiry or requests which are necessary for MJOLK LLC to respond to your inquiry or request, MJOLK LLC might not be able to act in the manner you asked, that is, to answer to your inquiry or request.


The data from Your credit and debit cards, which you enter in order to make the payment in our online store are not accepted and processed at our systems. The processing occurs at the systems and technical and under legal responsibility of our partners for online payments (Raiffeisen bank and PayPal), and we just get the information on the transaction status.

MJOLK LLC never gets in touch with comprehensive data on Your payment card.

The form for entrance of payment data is secured by SSL transport code of the greatest reliability.

Security of the data in purchase is guaranteed by our partners for online payment by having the complete payment process taking place at the pages of Banca Intesa and PayPal. Not for a moment the data on payment card are available to our system.

The refund is done exclusively via panels of Raiffeisen Bank and PayPal.


You may sign up for our newsletter via which we inform You, until you sign out about: news in the offer of our online store and retail stores, current marketing activities, discounts for trust -loyalty program, competitions, special events organized by MJOLK LLC, as well as other current events related to MJOLK LLC.

In order to sign up to our newsletter it is enough just to provide the e-mail address where you want to receive the newsletter. You may sign out of the newsletter at any point in accordance with the instructions you will receive by e-mail after the sign-up, as well as in every newsletter.

By signing up to the newsletter you declare that you agree to the estimation of your activities at our website so that we could adjust the website to your requests and interests, so that you can obtain personalized compilation of news, offers, and other information. Your data are stored and used for market research and for promotional purposes. If needed, we will contact you exclusively via email. Your data will be used for the analysis and improvement of the efficiency of our websites.

For the management of applications and deliveries of newsletters we use NB SOFT platform. Also, you may sign up to receive news and benefits via SMS or Viber messages in which case you are obliged just to provide your phone number.

If during the sign-up to the newsletter you choose the option to receive messages which are more adjusted to Your interests and for this purpose you provide us with the information on Your sex and age, MJOLK LLC will process the obtained data in order to filter the content which is adjusted to Your interests, i.e., to provide you with the offer of products for which it was determined that they are preferred by similar users, i.e., users of the same sex and age like you, all that in order to facilitate your search of our offer. MJOLK LLC will process Your data for these offers only with your prior consent.


Various technologies may be used at our webpage in order to improve it, make it simpler, more user-friendly, more efficient and safer. Such technologies may lead to automatic collection of personal data by us or third parties on our behalf. Examples of such technologies involve cookies, flash cookies, and web analysis.

All data we collect via “online” sale, including the data on products which are requested and bought by our customers, pages they visit will be carefully analyzed and processed and they will be used for the improvement of our offer and appearance of our page, all with the aim of enabling simpler, safer, faster and more comfortable purchase.


When you visit our webpage, data are sent from Your browser to our server. These data enable us to optimize our services and improve Your experience on our webpages and applications. The data are automatically collected and stored by us or a third party to our benefit.

We may collect information on Your computer for the purpose of system administration as well as for reporting collective information for the purposes of internal marketing analyses. These are the data on actions and samples of browsing of our users and they may include the following:

  • IP address of the visitor
  • Date and time of the visit
  • URL recommendations (web location from which the visitor was sent)
  • Visited pages and “journey” of the user on our webpage
  • Information on used browser (type, version, operating system, etc.).


A cookie is a text file set by the webserver to your hard disk. Cookies cannot be used to initiate the program or delivery of malicious software to Your computer.

We use cookies so that this webpage would operate regularly and that we would be in the condition to improve pages with the aim of the improvement of Your user experience, personalization of the content and ads, provision of specific technical characteristics to you and thus providing you with a positive user experience.

Read our Cookie Policy to learn more about our cookie use.


Our webpage uses re-targeting technologies. It enables us directly and personally to show advertisements to users who have already shown interest in our products.

Re-targeting technologies analyze Your cookies and present ads based on Your previous surfing experience. For further information on cookies, you may read our cookie policy.


If you provide us with personal data on our webpage, it is done on a completely voluntary basis. If you decide not to provide requested information, different benefits for customers might not be available to you. In certain cases, only those who provided requested personal data may be able to order products, use certain services, and otherwise use the activities and offers available on our webpage.

We provide many options, depending on the exact circumstances, to help you retain control of your data and to ensure the exercise of Your rights.

You may exercise Your rights by sending the inquiry or request to or to the address 8 Blagajska St., Belgrade. We will process your inquiries or requests without any delay and in compliance with legal obligations we will inform you on the measures taken.

As a personal data holder you are entitled to the following rights:

  1. RIGHT TO INFORMATION All information regarding the processing of Your personal data may be requested at the address stated above or via mail. With the aim of Your protection as a personal data holder, it is necessary that you are identified as the sender of the inquiry or request in an adequate manner.

  2. RIGHT TO ACCESS You are entitled to receive confirmation that Your personal data are processed or not. On the basis of this right, you may receive information on whether Your data are processed, the purpose of processing as well as the legal basis for processing, information on processors of personal data, how long the data will be kept, etc.

  3. RIGHT TO CORRECTION AND ADDITION You are entitled to ask for the correction of incorrect personal data and the right to add personal data which would complete any incomplete personal data.

  4. RIGHT TO DELETION In certain cases, you are entitled to ask for the deletion of Your personal data (e.g., if the data are no longer necessary for the accomplishment of the purpose for which they have been processed, you withdrew the consent based on which the processing was done). If for any reason we cannot fulfill Your request, we will inform You about that.

  5. RIGHT TO PROCESSING LIMITATION In special circumstances, you are entitled to limit the processing of Your personal data.

  6. RIGHT TO DATA TRANSFER You are entitled to receive your personal data (referring only to You) in a structured, usual and mechanically legible form, and You are entitled to transfer them to another party. This right may be exercised only if the processing is based on consent or an agreement even when it is done automatically.

  7. RIGHT TO COMPLAINT You are entitled to complain about certain types of processing and data collection when processing is based on legitimate interests of MJOLK LLC, e.g., for marketing purposes.

  8. RIGHT TO CONSENT WITHDRAWAL At any moment, you are entitled to withdraw Your consent to personal data processing. The consent withdrawal will not affect the legality of the processing for the period prior to consent withdrawal.

  9. RIGHT TO A COMPLAINT TO A SUPERVISORY BODY If you believe that processing of your personal data breaches the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you are entitled to complain to the supervisory body.

For the territory of the Republic of Serbia, the supervisory body is the Commission for Personal Data Protection with the seat at 15, Kralja Aleksandra Blvd, 11000 Belgrade.


In order to send Your complaint or remark or if you want to solve some misunderstanding, unclear or doubt with regards to Your personal data processed by MJOLK LLC, please do that using the following contacts:


8, Blagajska Street, Belgrade

Republic of Serbia


In order to protect you as the personal data owner, it will be needed in the corresponding manner that you identify yourself as the applicant, which will be a sufficient guarantee for MJOLK LLC to provide personal data to their owner.


MJOLK LLC uses processors for the collection and processing of Your personal data. All data processors engaged by MJOLK LLC process only Your personal data in accordance with MJOLK LLC instructions and are legally bound to adhere to strict safety procedures in handling personal data.

Within legally allowed frameworks and depending on the purpose of processing, Your data may be shared with the following categories of data processors:

  • Delivery services, freight-forwarders, post services
  • IT partners within software support and maintenance
  • Software service providers in “cloud”;
  • Payment and bank service providers
  • MJOLK LLC employees
  • Advertising agency, marketing and PR agencies
  • Bodies for fraud revelation and prevention

In processing Your personal data, MJOLK LLC may present your personal data to business partners abroad.

Data transfer via internet is naturally unsafe so MJOLK LLC cannot guarantee the safety of the data sent via Internet.


Your submitted data is retained for as long as necessary to fulfill the specific purpose for which it was submitted or to comply with legal requirements.

  • Registered User Account Data: All data collected regarding registered user accounts are retained until the account is deactivated. Following the deactivation of your registration (signing out of your profile on the webpage, unsubscribing from the newsletter, etc.), MJOLK LLC will retain your personal data for the subsequent six months to address any potential claims from the previous period.

  • Purchase Data: Data collected related to purchases made on the online store are processed until the purpose of processing is fulfilled. This includes the successful completion of the purchase, as well as any subsequent remarks, claims, returns, or requests pertaining to the purchased product.

  • Inquiry or Request Data: Data collected from inquiries or requests are retained for the duration necessary to address your specific request or inquiry.

If you provided explicit consent for the use of your personal data for promotional purposes, we will use your data for such purposes until you withdraw your consent. You may withdraw your consent at any time, and the withdrawal will be effective for future use.

If required by applicable regulations, MJOLK LLC may retain your data for an extended period, as dictated by the prescribed deadline for data retention.

Upon the expiration of the retention period, personal data are permanently deleted or anonymized to prevent association with specific individuals.


Individuals below the age of 16 are prohibited from using the Mjölk webpage. MJOLK LLC does not collect or retain information from individuals below the age of 16. Therefore, none of the Internet pages are designed to attract individuals younger than 16. If parents, guardians, or legal representatives become aware that a child has provided personal data without their consent, they may contact us via our address or email at


This statement on data protection may be periodically revised to align with current conditions and legal regulations.

Any future amendments to the privacy policy will be published on this page.

All contracts concluded through this site are governed by the laws of the Republic of Serbia.

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